Jim Taylor - Cycling Victoria History and Heritage Podcast

April 2, 2014

A professional cyclist originally from Sale in central Gippsland.  Commenced his racing career with the local club as a fourteen-year-old in 1948, and before long came to the notice of famous Gippsland cycling identities - the Guyatts and the Rowleys.  Settled in Melbourne in the early fifties and rode successfully for Coburg club.  Travelled to Europe in 1955 for experience and competed in world professional road title.  Hit straps in mid-fifties as scratch man on road and was fancied as likely winner of 1957 Sun Tour. In the 1957 and 1958 seasons (and most famously in the 1957 Melbourne-Warrnambool) he earned the sobriquets ‘Mockridge’s shadow’ and ‘Mr.Second’ as the only rider who could regularly stay with the champion. His career appeared to have been cut short by injury and shock sustained in fatal (for Mockridge) collision with bus (Tour of Gippsland, September 13, 1958), but recovered to make racing comeback (1962), and later play important roles in the Victorian cycling administration.  


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